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Complete responsive Online Shop - from £1,499

Our local Activ Consultant will design & create an all inclusive responsive online shop for your business that comprises of the design & creation of your online shop, arrangement of your product categories, along with your trading & product information.

You will be able to add your own pages, and create your owns sales or promotions. Your online shop will be linked to the major online banking platforms for an easy customer payment experience. This all comes with a comprehensive back office to help run your e-commerce website. This includes informing you of orders received & dispatched, management of stock levels, the ability to advertise promotions & plenty more.

Also included in our fixed price package is the first 12 months of web hosting for your site, a domain name purchase of your choice (if you do not already have one) and up to 5 email addresses to communicate with your customer base. Also, a comprehensive website stats package enables you to monitor your websites performance on the internet.

Our online shop is designed specifically with the small business user in mind. Our bespoke software allows you to add content, create additional pages and alter specific areas on your website, saving your business money by not incurring additional charges for amendments or alterations of your website.


  • Unlimited number of product pages
  • Fully Responsive Design
  • Design & creation
  • Text & creative imagery (supplied by client)
  • Domain name purchase
  • Up to 5 email addresses
  • Comprehensive back office
  • Minor alterations & amendments
  • Web stats package
  • Online operation manual (downloadable)
  • Shopping payment links to major Banks


There is an annual renewal fee of £350 after the first year, this includes the hosting and renewal of your domain name and any minor alterations and amendments with ongoing support.

Responsive Design

Google places more emphisis on Mobile friendly websites so a Responsive Design is required to make it more user friendly for mobile devices. The design and content is automatically adapted when the website is used on a mobile or tablet device.

For an Fully Responsive Brochure Website solution review our £849 Fully Responsive Brochure Website option.


Searching the internet for statistics on mobile surfing habits throws up some big numbers – meaning all business owners should at least pause and think about mobile access of their website.

For instance:-

  • There are currently 4 billion mobile phones in use globally
  • Over 1 billion of these are smart phones
  • 50% of local searches are carried out on mobile devices

It should therefore be a consideration for every business to ensure their online presence is well represented on a mobile device.

The good news for Activ customers is that our websites are accessible from all devices, being fully responsive to screen size whether desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile.

However, as a business owner wanting to give your customers the best experience you may well assess that you do not want them to have to scroll/magnify on a mobile device – or even that you feel they do not need all the content your desktop website offers if they are browsing with their mobile device.

Here at Activ Net Marketing Web Design Middlesbrough we have solutions for all business scenarios.

  • a responsive mobile option – whereby the website layout will ‘respond’ to the dimensions of the accessing device
  • a dedicated mobile option offering specific content for your mobile audience (available to new clients who do not have an Activ desktop website).

But which is the correct mobile solution for your business?

Responsive Mobile Websites

A responsive mobile website integrates an additional design to reformat the layout of the desktop site on mobile devices. There is one site with one set of information but presentation adapted according to the access route - navigation will be adapted to be easier to use on a mobile device. Certain elements of content that are not suitable for mobiles devices such as large videos may be removed from the mobile layout.

Key benefits

  • Changes to content on the desktop will be shown on the mobile, only one website to maintain and therefore may reduce costs


  • Content can be lengthy and inappropriate for the mobile user, they may still be frustrated and unable to find what they are looking for.
  • Design of desktop and mobile responsive website are linked – potentially could make both options slower to load for the visitor. This may lead to restrictions or complications in future design, potentially increasing costs for alterations.
  • The responsive option is just replicating the main website and some functions from that website may not be possible.
  • Does not take advantage of mobile specific functions e.g. ‘click to call’
  • Higher initial costs

Dedicated Mobile Website

This is a standalone separate site which is presented to the mobile user as an option. It can be branded to match the main website.

Key benefits

  • Content written specifically and structured for the mobile user. Therefore should be easier to read and provide what the visitor is looking for faster.
  • Design optimised for mobile devices, can be a more mobile friendly layout.
  • Would be a smaller size and therefore have a faster load time on a mobile device – therefore being quicker and potentially cheaper for the user.
  • No need to compromise on desktop design/content – each site designed specifically for the platform.
  • Navigation specifically designed for use from a mobile device - larger buttons/simple dropdown navigation
  • Potential to take advantage of mobile specific functions like ‘click to call.’
  • Potentially can  increase your website ranking for mobile searches
  • Can be supplied completely separately to the desktop website


  • Each site is separately maintained so mobile site may also need to be updated
  • Ongoing additional hosting and support cost for content

So the answer to the question which is the correct mobile solution for your business......

Is of course that it varies for each business!  However here at Activ Web Design Middlesbrough we can help you find the correct solutions for you.  Many small businesses may find a dedicated mobile site a better solution due to it being built specifically for the mobile user, some content can be updated from both by integrating news feeds.  However, if the mobile site has a lot of content that needs to be regularly updated in line with main desktop content, then a responsive site may be a better solution. As an example if the main site has eCommerce functionality and the business wants to sell through mobile access, a responsive design may be appropriate as it means there is only one product database to maintain.

Activ Net Marketing Web Design Middlesbrough has both responsive and dedicated mobile solutions to offer clients and is happy to discuss the best solution for their business.



Low price, fixed cost

You will know the cost of your website from the outset, with no nasty surprises or hidden extras

Specialists in the small business sector

We have designed thousands of websites for small business owners since 2007 & have lots of satisfied customers.

Local web design consultants

Our consultants are local to you & run their own businesses, so understand what is needed to get a website noticed in your area.

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