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Bespoke Mobile Application Development

mobile app development

In 2013 there was a rise of around 30% in the purchase and use of mobile technology products (smartphones & tablets), This represents over 51% of the adult population using this technology to access the internet. App usage is growing at the same rate simply because an app will allow the user to go straight to the information they require without having to search.

These days mobile applications are being used by around 7% of online business, that's an increase of around 10% on 2012 figures.

This increase is attributed to 4 main reasons.

  1. The increase in sales and usage of smartphones and tablets in the UK
  2. Is the convenience of having an app sitting on the homescreen
  3. Is the direct accessibility for businesses being able to contact their customers
  4. Is the tumbling costs of having a bespoke application developed for the company


How Can An App Help My Business?

  • An app connects you directly to your customers or members
  • Your customers can get information about your business immediately
  • Your customers or members can contact you immediately
  • An App allows you to inform your customers or members of special offers or news


Case Studies


Studies show that around 97% of messages received by an app are read. A bespoke mobile application designed for schools would allow the school to inform parents and students immediately of closure, menu updates, school events or send a direct link to the school website for more information


Rely heavily on repeat business so having direct contact with these customers is invaluable not only allowing the restaurant owner to inform customers of special offers and events but also allowing the customer to request bookings


Android App Apple iPhone App
£299 Bespoke Build
£299 Bespoke Build
+ £20 per month (Service, Updates and Maintenance)
12 month minimum contract
+ £20 per month (Service, Updates and Maintenance)
12 month minimum contract
Designed & built for Android Smartphone & Tablets Designed & built for Apple iPhone devices
Apple iPhone & iPad App Android, iPhone & iPad Apps
£399 Bespoke Build
£499 Bespoke Build
+£30 per month (Service, Updates and Maintenance)
12 month minimum contract
+£45 per month (Service, Updates and Maintenance)
12 month minimum contract
Designed for Apple iPhone & iPad devices Designed for Android, iPhone & iPad devices

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